Dream it, Build it; Disrupt it, Popularize it!” That’s the core philosophy of IngDan Labs.

IngDan Labs plays the role of the world technology “Connector” that connects demand and supply, and facilitating the development of IoT/AI related industries by providing value-added services. Established in early 2016 with a group of world-class researchers, experts, and engineers, IngDan Labs is the R&D unit of Cogobuy Group. It is a public and open laboratory with a focus on IoT and AI technologies.

We provide value-added technology services to corporations, innovators and startups, including technologies and solutions; consulting services; incubator/accelerator functions; product R&D and prototyping; and patent and IP services. We work with and license core technologies from other technology providers to create scenario-driven integrated innovations.

By always looking a step ahead, IndDan Labs creates innovative solutions and services in the critical path of IoT, AI, and related industries.

Shipeng Li – Founder

Chief Technology Officer of Cogobuy Group and IngDan – the leading innovation platform connecting IoT innovators with enterprise service providers. He founded IngDan Labs in 2016. From 1999-2015, he was a Microsoft Partner, Principal Researcher, and a founding member of Microsoft Research Asia – at the time named the world’s “hottest” Computer lab by the MIT Technology Review. Dr. Li worked at Sarnoff Corporation from 1996 – 1999.

He is a Deputy Editor in Chief of IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology and a Fellow of IEEE. Dr. Li is an influential & leading expert on multimedia, IoT, and AI, holding 188 US patents and an author or co-author of 330+ international papers. Over the years, he has trained four MIT Technology Review “35 Innovator” Award Winners.

Dr. Li received his B.S. (1988) and M.S. (1991) from the University of Science & Technology of China, and Ph.D. (1996) from Lehigh University

Our Team


13 years of diverse experience in Hardware design and engineering, specializing in baseband; RF; battery and energy management; EMC; Chipsets; Set-Top-Box and Smart Things. Huipeng also has many years of experience leading Hardware Architecture design; concept prototyping; and engineering management. He has four international invention patents. Before Huipeng joined IngDan, he held a number of senior management and Hardware Architect positions in international companies, including Chief Hardware Architect and Project Manager at Microsoft (2014 - 2016); Senior Engineering Manager and Principal Hardware Engineer at Nokia (2011 - 2014); Technical Marketing and Hardware FAE Manager at Siano Mobile Silicon (2008-2010); Hardware Team Leader at Thomson (2007 - 2008); and Hardware Manager at Siemens/Benq Mobile (2004 - 2006).

Huipeng obtained his B.E from Central South University, and his M.E. from the China Academy of Telecom Technology.


15+ years of rich experience in hardware project management, hardware system and architect de- sign, and product mass production. He is an expert in general IC and SCM control systems, and hardware system platform development. He is very familiar with Real-time Operation Systems and Embedded System design, and has rich hardware development knowledge and experience in IoT; AI; and wearable devices. Before he joined IngDan Labs, he served as a Senior Hardware System Engineer at Microsoft Smart Things; Principal Hardware Engineer at Nokia; and Senior Baseband Engineer/Hardware Project leader at BenQ/Siemens Mobile.

Jianying received both his B.E. and M.E. degrees from Tianjin University.


More than 10 years of mechanical & electrical engineering, mechanical design, and project management experience, gained through working at Siemens, Flextronics, Nokia and Microsoft. Yuming has followed the trends of mechanical materials applications and development. He is also highly familiar with the relationship between mechanical design and key processes such as injection molding, stamping, CNC, painting, and assembly. He is experienced in product concept design, the development process, and project management. Yuming is an innovator of several mechanical design related IPs.

Yuming Geng graduated from Tianjin Polytech University.


12+ years of diverse experience in Hardware design/engineering, specializing in baseband; battery and energy management for mobile phones, IoT, and VR. Guiqiang also has years of experience leading Hardware Architecture design; supply chain; concept prototyping; and project management. Prior to joining IngDan Labs, Guiqiang held a number of senior engineer and Hardware project management positions in international companies, including Project Manager at Nokia; Senior Engineer at Sony Ericsson; and Hardware FAE at Intel.

Huipeng obtained his B.E from Beijing Jiaotong University.


16+ years of diverse experience in software architecture/engineering. He is versed in many areas including cloud; large scale frameworks; operating systems; BSP/drivers; 3Gprotocol stack; multimedia; and middleware. Hailong had been an architect in leading large- scale software architecture design for 14 years prior joining IngDan Labs, and held a number of software architect positions in major international companies, including Chief Software Architect at Microsoft; Chief Software Architect at Nokia; Senior System Architect at Sony Ericsson; and Software Architect at Siemens.


16 years of experience in software architecture, design and development, especially in the design and development of embedded systems; device drivers; and board-level support package development and product mass production. Before joining IngDan Labs, he served as a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft Smart Things; Senior Software Engineer at Nokia; and as a Senior Engineer at Sony Ericsson.

Huabioa graduated from Beijing Information Technology Institute in 2001.


14+ years of experience in the mobile communication industry, embedded system IoT, and Cloud. He previously worked for many international companies including Flextronics, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Microsoft. He focused on IoT related technologies in the Smart Things department of Microsoft before joining IngDan Labs. He is one of key designers of the K-system at IngDan Labs.

Renhui received his Bachelor of Electronic and information engineering from Jinlin University.


Over 10 years of experience of software development, architecture and program management. He is versed in embedded system integration, driver development, wireless connectivity and IoT device. And He had worked on 3D graphic Engine and VR for 3 years prior joining IngDan Labs, he was a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft and Nokia.

Guangjun obtained his B.E from Dalian Jiaotong University and M.E. from computer simulation and VR Lab of Beihang University.


Bingshan Li has over 15 years of experience in software development, architecture design and engineering. He has rich experience and deep knowledge in distributed IP router and mobile platforms, and is proficient in desktop and embedded applications development. He has worked in Huawei, Nokia, Microsoft and IBM in software development. Bingshan has 3 national patents in IP communications and 1 international patent in the field of mobile phones.

He received his bachelor's and master's degree in computer software from Dalian University of Technology in 1997 and 2000.


Worked at Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft for more than 12 years prior to joining Ingdan Labs. His focus has been on various technology domains, including embedded, mobile Internet, IoT, and AI.

Jianming has rich software development and project management experience. He has the full stack capability from Client-side to the Server-side, and has deep experience working on scenarios, integration and optimization of IoT platforms and online Services. He also has 2 years of experience working for a start-up, and four patents to date.

Jianming graduated from the University of Nankai in 2002, with a bachelor’s degree with specialization in electronic materials and components.


More than 15 years of embedded software design

and software development management experience. He has been involved in development on mobile phones, chips, bracelets, VR and IoT embedded software. He has studied in depth on embedded software in many areas; and focused on system analysis, debugging, and optimization.

Prior joining IngDan Labs, Shijie worked in Research and Development, and Project Management roles at Nokia, Siemens and Huawei.

Shijie obtained his Bachelor’s in Telecommunications from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.


10+ years of experience in software development. He worked as development manager in multinational telecom company 4 years, and in project management for 5 years. Wei is PMP certificated. He has rich experience in agile development management (Scrum, KanBan, TDD, etc.), and a strong background in Internet/Mobile software development technologies and processes.

Wei received his Master in Computer Science from Beijing Institute of Technology.


More than 10 years of Internet experience. He previously worked for Funshion Online, Baidu, and Qihoo 360 in software development, focusing on the service technology, platform architecture and data mining. Lei has significant experience in internet project management, especially on high performance, highly concurrent network architecture. Lei is an expert of software languages such as Php, Go, and OpenResty, and has a very deep understanding of service modules. Lei is constantly improving and upgrading the software architecture and technology development processes utilized by IngDan Labs.


Software Development Manager, and has been engaged in software for the Internet for 8 years.
 He was responsible for the development of Baidu Map's Symbian version, as well as the Sohu Video, Windows Phone, and Win8 version of the architecture design. Kuifeng also participated in the architecture reconfiguration of the Weibo client, and was responsible for the work related to Wanda iOS.

Kuigeng graduated from the Northwestern University.

Yiyang Zhao – Director, Program, and Operations

Dr. Yiyang Zhao was an expert in China’s National 863 program library, and the National Natural Science Foundation. His main research areas include Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Wireless Networks, Mobile Sensor Networks, and Indoor Positioning Technology. He has rich experiences in hardware and software development.

Dr. Zhao currently has seven national patents and one software copyright in the field of mobile computing. He published more than 20 papers in relevant international journals, which were presented at international academic conferences. Those papers have been cited more than 800 times. He also is a member of IEEE, ACM, and CCF.

Dr. Zhao obtained his Ph.D. degree from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2010. He received a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Tsinghua University and the Chinese

Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 1998 and 2001, respectively.

Dr. Yiyang Zhao was a postdoctoral researcher at Tsinghua University and an Associate Professor in the Internet of Things Technology Center of Tsinghua University.

Open AI + enabling platform

Kepler System (or simply K-System) is an open AI + enabling platform developed by IngDan Labs, which enables those developers with little AI/IoT/Hardware experience to quickly prototype their AI-based products, and helps them to solve many pressing problems that hinder wide adoption of AI technologies.
  • Open Cloud Services

  • Open AI-based UI

  • Kepler System

  • Open Platform

  • Open Datas

Open Cloud Services

  • No need to bind any particular cloud services to its hardware and software platforms

  • It allows the developers to switch to different cloud services

  • Set standard and unified APIs for various AI service calls

Open Platform

With cost-effective BOM, and scalability from simple (e.g. sensor unit) to complex (e.g. robotics) products, Kepler System can be regarded as the “Raspberry Pie” of the AI era.
  • Intelligent Module

    It provides a hardware platform with built-in well-tuned voice module that can be readily connected to voice related AI services.

  • Circuit Board

    The hardware board can be conveniently extended to connect with other IoT sensors, actuators, and devices through a service bus architecture.

  • API

    A set of unified APIs for connecting AI services.

  • Software Platform

    It provides a customized Android-based software platform tailored just for IoT devices and AI services.

Open AI-based UI

  • Home

    The system can identify the user's location and interact with the intelligent product

  • Enterprise

    Transform traditional industry into AI-based industry

  • Teaching and research application

    Can be used in artificial intelligence teaching experimental system and artificial intelligence in-depth research and development

Open Datas

  • User

    Put the control of data back to the user

  • Developer

    The developer need not to think about share and trading of data

  • Service providers

    The service providers will have open data and fusion of data from different sources

Kepler Module

Designed for Robotics, IoT and consumer device maker who need voice interaction and AI service, the Ingdan® Kepler AI module provides one highly integrated total solution which could dramatically speed up the development cycle and drive the AI device innovation.

Powerful processing in a small package: High-end computing and large memory in a tiny package, flexible to fit into different mechanical form factors.

Microphone array and dedicated voice processor help to achieve 360 degree 5 meter far field voice and accurate key words detection

The advanced algorithm and smart audio amplifier helps to get the maximum possible volume and best linearity from small speaker which contribute to reducing the overall system cost and space constrained design.

Kepler Module Brochure

Laptop-class wireless communication, with 802.11ac for extended range and bandwidth.

20 multiplexed GPIO interfaces which could be configured as SPI/UART/I2C for design flexibility.

Context-Awareness Sensing technology: The rich sensor list [Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnet, Ambient Light and proximity sensor] and sensor hub architecture enables accurate, real-time sensor data with minimal power consumption.

Ultra-low power consumption for long standby time with optimization for battery power

Tailored android OS with optimization for Robotics and IoT devices

Kepler Module Brochure
Major components
SoC Quad-core ARM Cortex A7
RAM 2GB DDR3, 16bit X 2
FLASH Storage 8GB eMMC (v5.0)
WiFi Broadcom 43340 802.11 1/b/g/n/ac
Dual-band (2.4GHZ and 5GHZ)
On board ceramic antenna
Bluetooth BT4.0, with BTLE
Microphone Array 3 digital high SNR 65dB microphone
Voice Processor Always-on audio processor with advanced algorithm for noise suppression, beamforming and key words wakeup
External Interface
PER-EXT UARTX2 [MODEM, Robotic MCU], I2CX2 [sensor], SPI [Sensor Hub], USB [4G Modem]
HDMl Display
DC Input 3.3V-5V, 2A
FW+SW Android 7.0, Integrated driver for Smart Audio PA, Microphone array and key words wakeup
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About Us

About Us

Our teamWith a group of world-class researchers, experts and engineers

We belong toIngDan Labs is the R&D unit of Cogobuy Group.

Our roleAs the world's technology "connector", Connected to the supply and demand side

We focus onAI + IoT

Our object-orientedCorporations/innovators/startups

We provideValue-added technology services

Our idea“Dream it, Build it; Disrupt it, Popularize it!”